ProGP696 (WpaA)

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ProGP ID ProGP696 (WpaA)
Validation Status Uncharacterized
Organism Information
Organism NameStreptococcus mutans
Domain Bacteria
Classification Phylum : Firmicutes
Class : Bacilli
Orders : Lactobacillales
Family : Streptococcaceae
Genus : Streptococcus
Species : mutans
Taxonomic ID (NCBI) 1309
Genome Information
GenBank X14490
EMBL X14490
Gene Information
Gene NameSMU_987c
Protein Information
Protein NameWpaA
Function Wall-associated protein A
Glycosylation Status
Glycosylation Type O- (Ser/Thr) linked
Technique(s) used for Glycosylation DetectionWestern blot analysis, Lectin-binding analysis
Protein Glycosylation linked (PGL) gene(s)
OST Gene NamePgfS
Characterized Accessory Gene(s)pgfM1, pgfE, pgfM2
Accessory Gene(s)Progt IDProGT121.1, ProGT121.2, P
Year of Identification2018
Year of Validation 2018
ReferenceAvilés-Reyes A, Freires IA, Besingi R, Purushotham S, Deivanayagam C, Brady LJ, Abranches J, Lemos JA. (2018) Characterization of the pgf operon involved in the posttranslational modification of Streptococcus mutans surface proteins. Sci Rep., 8(1):4705. [PubMed: 29549320]
Corresponding Author Jacqueline Abranches
José A. Lemos
ContactDepartment of Oral Biology, University of Florida, College of Dentistry, Gainesville, FL, USA.