ProGP702 (hypothetical protein)

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ProGP ID ProGP702 (hypothetical protein)
Validation Status Uncharacterized
Organism Information
Organism NameCandidatus kuenenia stuttgartiensis
Domain Bacteria
Classification Phylum : Planctomycetes
Class : Candidatus Brocadiae
Orders : Candidatus Brocadiales
Family : Candidatus Brocadiaceae
Genus : Candidatus Kuenenia
Species : stuttgartiensis
Taxonomic ID (NCBI) 174633
Protein Information
Protein Namehypothetical protein
NCBI RefSeq WP_070066019.1
Subcellular LocationExtracellular matrix
Function Biofilm or annamox granules formation
Glycosylation Status
Glycosylation Type O- (Ser/Thr) linked
Protein Glycosylation- Implication Play an important role in the structuring of anammox granules (ANaerobic AMMonium OXidation (anammox) is an established process for efficient nitrogen removal from wastewater, relying on anammox bacteria to form stable biofilms or granules), comparable to the importance of glycans in the extracellular matrix of multicellular organisms.
Glycan Information
Glycan Annotation methylated N-acetyl hexosamine
Technique(s) used for Glycan Identification PGC-MS/MS analysis
Year of Identification2018
ReferenceBoleij, M., Pabst, M., Neu, T.R., van Loosdrecht, M.C. and Lin, Y., 2018. Identification of glycoproteins isolated from extracellular polymeric substances of full-scale anammox granular sludge. Environmental science & technology, 52(22), pp.13127-13135.
Corresponding Author Yuemei Lin
ContactDepartment of Biotechnology, Delft University of Technology, van der Maasweg 9, 2629 HZ, Delft, The Netherlands