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The function and design of the ProGlycProt & tools are coyrighted to Dr. Alka Rao, CSIR-IMTECH.

Copyrights of ProGlycProt Data

The Data presented here is a systematically arranged compilation of Glycoproteins and Protein Glycosyltransferases of Prokaryotes collected from various published research articles and reviews published in various scientific journals on the subject of “protein glycosylation in prokaryotes” over the years. The appropriate references have been provided for all the entries in ProGlycProt. Team ProGlycProt has put in the best efforts to make sure the scientific accuracy of all entries in this database, but we would urge that users must refer to the original publications cited along and please feel free to point any mistake that you may observed the citations or entries. We will be happy to revise and update.

The compiled data at ProGlycProt by Dr. Alka Rao, CSIR-IMTECH is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 India License, whereas for all referenced material Copyright resides with the original copyright holders.