ProGT122 (AaNGT)

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ProGT ID ProGT122 (AaNGT)
Organism Information
Organism NameAggregatibacter aphrophilus 
Clinical ImplicationPathogenic
Classification Phylum : Proteobacteria
Class : GammaProteobacteria
Orders : Pasteurellales
Family : Pasteurellaceae
Genus : Aggregatibacter
Species : aphrophilus
Taxonomic ID (NCBI)732
Genome Information
Gene Information
Protein information
Protein NameAaNGT 
Additional Information1) AaNGT is the first identified natural glycosyltransferase able to transfer GlcN moiety onto asparagine residues.
2) AaNGT also exhibited a different position-specific residue preference of substrate peptides from the NGT of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae (ApNGT).
Glycosyltransferase Information
Glycosylation TypeN- (Asn) linked 
CAZY FamilyGT41
Mechanism of Glycan TransferSequential
Acceptor specificity Sequon_1Asn-Xaa-Ser/Thr
Donor TypeUDP-Glc (Most preferred), UDP-Gal, UDP-Xyl, GDP-Glc, dGDP-Glc and UDP-GlcN
Donor SpecificityNucleotide activated sugars
Glycan Information
Glycan transferredMonosaccharides (Glc, Gal, Xyl, and GlcN) 
Method of Glycan IndentificationLC/MS-IT-TOF
Experimental_strategiesIn vitro 
Acceptor Subtrate Information
Acceptor Substrate name TAMRA-DANYTK
Acceptor Substrate name TLDDNGTMLFFK (human Hemopexin)
Year Of Validation2018 
Reference Kong, Y., Li, J., Hu, X., Wang, Y., Meng, Q., Gu, G., Wang, P.G. and Chen, M., 2018. N-Glycosyltransferase from Aggregatibacter aphrophilus synthesizes glycopeptides with relaxed nucleotide-activated sugar donor selectivity. Carbohydrate research, 462, pp.7-12.

Corresponding Author1 The State Key Laboratory of Microbial Technology, National Glycoengineering Research Center and School of Life Sciences, Shandong University, Jinan, Shandong 250100, China.