ProGT134 (PalS)

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ProGT ID ProGT134 (PalS)
Organism Information
Organism NameAeribacillus pallidus 8
Classification Phylum : Firmicutes
Class : Bacilli
Orders : Bacillales
Family : Bacillaceae
Genus : Aeribacillus
Species : pallidus
Strain : 8
Taxonomic ID (NCBI) 33936
Genome Information
Gene BankLVHY01000134.1
Gene Information
Gene NamepalS
Protein information
Protein NamePalS 
Function in Native Organism Found in glycocin biosynthesis cluster and transfer the sugar to the glycocin, which is required for the antimicrobial activity
Additional InformationAlso used as a glycoengineering tool to transfer the sugar glucose to the glycocins (Hyp1 and Hyp2) present in glycocin biosynthesis clusters of other bacteria Bacillus megaterium BHG1 Bacillus sp. JCM19047
Glycosyltransferase Information
Glycosylation TypeS- (Cys) linked 
CAZY FamilyGT2
Mechanism of Glycan TransferSequential
Donor TypeUDP-Glc
Donor SpecificityNucleotide activated sugars
Glycan Information
Glycan transferredMonosaccharides (Glc) 
Method of Glycan IndentificationLC-ESI-QMS/MS mass spectrometery
Experimental_strategiesIn vivo 
Acceptor Subtrate Information
Acceptor Substrate name PalA
ProGPdb ID ProGP703 (PalA)
Acceptor Substrate name Hyp1
ProGPdb ID ProGP699 (Hyp1)
Acceptor Substrate name Hyp2
ProGPdb ID ProGP700 (Hyp2)
Year Of Validation2019 
Reference Kaunietis, A., Buivydas, A., ?itavi?ius, D.J. and Kuipers, O.P., 2019. Heterologous biosynthesis and characterization of a glycocin from a thermophilic bacterium. Nature communications, 10(1), pp.1-12.

Corresponding Author1. Molecular Genetics Dept., Groningen Biomolecular Sciences and Biotechnology Institute, University of Groningen, Nijenborgh 7, 9747 AG Groningen, Netherlands